A railway line has passed through the parish of Stratton since 20th January 1857 when a single track Great Western Railway broad gauge was opened between Yeovil & Weymouth.
  Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed the viaduct at Grimstone.  
    Grimstone Viaduct    
  Between 18th & 22nd June 1874 the track was converted to standard gauge.  
  Doubling of the track from Yeovil reached Grimstone & Frampton Station in 1884 and Dorchester in 1885.  
  In 1901 the Station Master at Grimstone & Frampton Station was 63-year-old Richard Tucker.  
    Grimstone & Frampton Station c1950    
On Saturday 16th May 1914 a fatal accident occurred at Grimstone and Frampton Station. At the time Thomas Charles Olding was the Station Master. A watercress seller named Carter, who lodged at a public house in Dorchester, made it his usual practice to collect watercress from Sydling Water and sell it in the town. He arrived at the station at 4:40pm apparently intending to return to Dorchester on the 5.12pm train. He left his empty baskets on the down platform and crossed to the up platform using the footbridge. Then as the 4:38pm express from Weymouth passed through at 4:57pm he walked onto the line and was killed instantly. The driver of the express, Albert Clifton Webb had sounded warning whistles as the train approached the station. The express resumed its journey after an eleven minute delay.
An inquest was held on Monday 18th May 1914 at which it emerged that Carter had not gathered watercress that day. He had not forwarded any to Dorchester as he had apparently earlier claimed. The jury recorded a verdict that he was accidentally knocked down. Carter’s first name was not known although a postcard was found bearing the initial F. His age was also unknown although he was believed to be about fifty. It was thought that he had a sister in Ealing. Carter was buried in Stratton churchyard on Tuesday 19th May 1914. The Parish Register records the event:  F. Carter  50  Killed at Grimstone Station.
  In 1927 the Station Master at Grimstone & Frampton Station was Frederick Bunce.  
  Bradford Peverell & Stratton Halt was first constructed of wood. It opened on 22nd May 1933.  
  Nationalisation of the railways on 1st January 1948 saw the line become part of British Railways Western Region.  
  In 1950 it was transferred to the Southern Region.  
  Bradford Peverell & Stratton Halt was rebuilt using concrete in 1959.  

    Bradford Peverell & Stratton Halt 1987    
  The Goods Yard at Grimstone & Frampton Station closed on 1st May 1961.  
  In 1962 the line returned to British Railways Western Region.  
  Staff at Grimstone & Frampton Station were withdrawn on 11th April 1966 and the Station closed on 3rd October 1966.  
  Bradford Peverell & Stratton Halt also closed on 3rd October 1966.  
  The buildings of Grimstone & Frampton Station were demolished in 1967.  
  On 9th June 1968 the route between Yeovil & Dorchester reverted to single track working.  
    Bradford Peverell & Stratton Halt 2007    
In 2013 trains pass through the parish on their journeys between Dorchester and Weymouth to the south and Yeovil, Bath, Bristol, Gloucester and Cheltenham to the north.
  In 1949 the journey time between Weymouth and Yeovil was 56 minutes. In 2013 the same journey took 48 minutes.